Get a "Yes", Get a "No", just Get an Answer!

Do your prospects ever say, "Can you put it in writing?" Now what do you do? I have seen sales reps go back to their office and put together a fancy proposal, or even worse a not so fancy proposal and come back to see the prospect the next week. Then the prospect says, "Let me think about it." The sales person will then say, "OK, I will check back with you next week." They will drive back out and see the prospect the next week to see what they have decided. Sound familiar? I hope not. This scenario describes a sales rep that has confused activity with achievement.
When your prospect says, "Can you put it in writing?" This is a buying signal, or a polite no thank you. You should discover the real interest level on the spot, Try this, "Of course I will put it in writing, how many widgets do you need?" At this point begin writing the order on your service agreement, or order form. The worst thing that can happen is the prospect will say, "Wait a minute. I am not sure I want to buy yet." Now you can handle any objections. The best thing is you get the order now!
David's Tip of the Week