Dear Walk Fast, Talk Loud and Smile students,

Congratulations! You have made a potentially life changing decision. Walk Fast, Talk Loud and Smile. It sounds too easy to be true. In fact most of the sales concepts that David speaks about in his book and seminars are neither that technical nor hard to execute. That is why anyone can take these fundamentals and use them to enhance their God given talents and abilities to succeed in a sales career.

My name is Jeremy Wood, and in August of 2003, I started my career in sales. My first experience in sales was a very stressful and uneasy time in my career. I had to get out of my comfort zone and make some bold moves for my future. My sales manager, David Otis, I started with spoke daily of how our attitute and sales skills combined with a consistent self development routine would jump start my sales achievements. He was correct! Although I resisted using these methods early on, I reluctantly gave in SINCE my way was not working. David had a system and a method that he guaranteed would give me success. I am now giving a reference letter and credibility to the sales truths you will read in his book.

My life has changed for the better since that time of nervous unknown in August of 2003. I have become a student of sales and learned the secret to success is to control one's thinking. I have studied Earl Nightingale, Jeffrey Gitomer, and Brian Tracy. I have flooded my mind with speeches of Mort Utley, Vince Lombardi, and Dr. Norman Vincent Peal. I read daily in books such as The 8th Habit, How to Win Friends and Influence People, and the Holy Bible. The one common denominator is that you truly do become what you think about. You are going to get exactly what you put into this life. Learning sales under David Otis has been no different than what any of these great authors have proclaimed.

David, I want to thank you for sticking with me and never giving me a negative thought and never giving up on me. You were right when you said, "I can't do it for you but if you will just apply this system and your desire for great things YOU WILL GET THEM." David, I am getting them like I never thought possible, and they continue to come. My life is better at work and at home. Thank you for creating an environment instead of reacting to one when you assumed the sales leadership role in that tiny broken down branch in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Those will forever be, "The good ole days."
Jeremy Wood, Sales Manager for Cintas Corporation

Dear Future Walk Fast, Talk Loud and Smile Students,

Prepare to be blown away! David Otis, author of Walk Fast, Talk Loud and Smile is about to provide you with a time tested, proven system and method for success in sales. The principles and methods that David shares in his book and in his seminars are simple, easy to implement, and they work!

Prior to working with David, I had sold using varying routines and methods and like many of you I obtained varying results. After implementing the principles that David teaches, I have consistently met or exceeded my goals and have been able to take the pressure of selling off of me and put the pressure on running the system and the routine. In my first year working with David, I was the Top Sales Representative in the Southeastern Group, my income increased by thirty percent, and this year looks better than the previous year! It is that simple! If you will implement the concepts in Walk Fast, Talk Loud and Smile you will far exceed your current goals and earnings.

Succeeding in sales is a lot of fun, but I am most excited about the opportunity to lead my own sales team and share these concepts with them. David has shared with me a system that provides a true road map for sales and financial success. When I lead my own sales team I will be sharing the same ideas and routines that made such an impact in my career.

Once again, prepare to be blown away! When you commit to becoming a true sales professional and execute the principles in Walk Fast, Talk Loud and Smile, your sales career will take off!

Enjoy the ride!
Clint Bagley, Sales Representative for Cintas Corporation

"This fast-moving, enjoyable book shows you how to sell more, faster and eaiser, and enjoy the process of sales success." Brian Tracy - Author of The Psyshology of Selling and How to Be a Sales Superstar

Dear David, Thanks for kicking off our Annual Sales Meeting with a bang! I have heard many speakers over the years, but none better than you! We can't wait to have you back.

Mark Dmochowski - Inergy Corporation

Dear future Walk Fast, Talk Loud and Smile readers,

Looking for a how-to book that not only boosts your productivity but actually makes you happier? Then you'll be sold on master salesman David Otis' sharp and savvy manual, Walk Fast, Talk Loud and Smile (How to Succeed in Sales and Have Fun Doing It.) Whether you're thinking about beginning a career in sales or you'd simply like to boost your already established career to the next level, this is the one book that will sell itself to you.

Otis breaks the book down into simple, practical messages that guarantee success. You'll learn great sales habits you won't want to break, like exercising your mind and body and why first impressions don't just matter, they can make or break a sale, and why enthusiasm is often just as important as the quality of your product. The book is filled with helpful worksheets, so you can set your best agenda and practice what you'll be preaching on the selling road to success.
Otis' positive attitude is genuinely helpful and, above all, contagious. Infact, few sales tones on the market today echo the same upbeat tone and help to convey the sense that sales can be fun. It's a seller's market out there, Otis insists, and this terrific book is a priceless guide to help you cash in on its potential and build yourself a brighter, happier, career.
Ellen Tanner Marsh - New York Times Best Selling Author

"David Otis is a real world, innovative, successful salesperson who will give you street smart sales advice that you can convert into short-term orders and long-term success."

Jeffrey Gitomer - Aurthor of "The Little Red Book of Sales Answers"