"David Otis gives you real-world sales ideas and techniques that will pay immediate dividends. It's like mining a vein of pure gold!"
Jeremy Wood- Sales Manager for Cintas Corporation, Atlanta, GA


Objective of the Program: To graduate highly skilled sales people who are inspired and motivated, while making a great first impression on your company's newly hired partners.

Graduates will receive: In addition to the training seminar each graduate will receive the following items to demonstrate the professionalism of the class and add take home value to the students.

  • A No.2 pencil, a pencil sharpener, and a notepad to be used during the class.
  • A copy of the powerpoint presentation used to teach the class so they can refer back to the presentation and their class notes.
  • A copy of my book Walk Fast, Talk Loud and Smile.
  • A case filled with DVDs of presentations of top performing reps in your company, and CDs of the material covered in the class. Also includes motivational CDs for graduates to listen to in their cars.
  • A playbook filled with a sales funnel, an accounts sold list, a daytimer, and other essential information to make the sales routine simple for the salesperson.
  • This all comes in a signature Walk Fast, Talk Loud and Smile duffel bag with a certificate of graduation.

Benefits to Company: Lower turnover, increased morale and sales production, by giving your sales reps a clear direction for what it takes to be a peak performer. This is especially helpful with sales teams who currently lack tradition and have high turnover. This program can, "Stop the bleeding."


Objective: To get your team excited and commited to the company and the company's objectives.

Graduates will recieve: Each student will recieve a No. 2 pencil, a notebook to take notes, and a copy of the 45 minute seminar on CD.

What to expect: All great achievement begins in commitment. Without commitment your team will never reach it's full potential.

In this 45 minute interactive seminar David will blow you away with his enthusiasm and energy. He will give real life examples of the power of commitment. This seminar is a great way to kick off your company's award meetings. It is a presentation you will never forget and many have considered it a life altering event.

Benefits to the company: Team members who know that the only thing they can control is their thoughts and attitude. Graduates will recieve a "wake up call" to accept responsibility and become part of the solution and not a part of the problem.


For information on availability and pricing, please contact David Otis @ or 770-309-5202.