Walk Fast, Talk Loud and Smile by David Otis

It's a seller's market out there, and super salesman David Otis' smart and savy how-to manual on sales can put you on the golden road to selling success! Whether you're just starting out in sales, or you want to hone your skills, this is the one book you simply can't do without, a simple approach that both leadership and sales representatives alike will love. In clear, step-by-step instructions, Otis shows you how to boost your sales and your enjoyment level. You'll discover great sales habits you can't afford not to keep, like exercising your mind and body a half hour every day and starting each day with thirty minutes of positive reading experience. You'll learn how Otis' steps to achievement can be the difference between make-or-break sales, and you'll attain the skill needed to perform at a higher level. Best of all, Otis includes worksheets to help you set your agenda, ask good questions, and he gives real-life examples of perfect presentation skills. A positive attitude is contagious, and every page of this inspirational book is a goldmine of tips and a challenge to have fun while you work. This is one book you'll be sold on!

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